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A Rare Look Inside the Hue Imperial Court in 1895 in Watercolor

'La cour de Hue' (The court of Hue) is a series of painting done by Nguyen Van Nhan in 1895, during the reign of Thanh Thai, emperor of the Nguyen Dynasty at the time.

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Unearthed: Tracing the Past Citadels of Southern Vietnam

Although the forces of modernization encourage constant progress and leaving behind the pre-modern past, the trails of yesterday never fail to leave our presence.

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[Photos] Craftmanship in 1930 Vietnam as Seen in Paris' Specialized Municipal Libraries

In this photo series, the camera's lens focuses on Vietnamese artisans in 1930, zooming on the intricate details of wood carvings and patterns from pagodas across the country, with a generous dose of ...

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[Photos] Have a Glance at Saigon's Snacks Through These Photos of Street Vendors in 1966

Street food has long been the epitome of Saigon's daily culture.

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[Photos] The Joy and Hardships of Life in 1963 Binh Phuoc

Binh Phuoc Province, located on the Vietnam-Cambodia border and known as two separate provinces, Phuoc Long and Binh Loc, in the 1960s, was an important site for many battles during the Amer...

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[Photos] The Mekong Delta on the Brink of a New Decade

Taken by Stewart Jackson, a member of the US Army in 1970, and archived in the gallery of the 6/31st Infantry in Vietnam, these photos depict life in Duong Diem Town, Chau Thanh, Tien Giang Province.

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