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[Video] Beware Of The Tobacco Bong (Điếu Cày)

The tobacco bong (điếu cày) is a popular companion for everyone from café-goers to parking attendants in Vietnam who are looking for a greater high than normal cigarettes provide, or simply a strong digestive aid. 

People use these bongs to smoke thuốc lào, a very potent variety of tobacco with a high concentration of nicotine (around 9% compared to 2 – 8% for Nicotiana tabacum, the tobacco commonly found in cigarettes).

After taking a hit, the smoker usually experiences a few seconds of strong dizziness and according to Wikipedia,

“It should be said however that even heavy cigarette smokers have had trouble with the intense volume of smoke, the high nicotine content, and that side effects include nausea and vomiting.”

Overall, it looks like a pretty bad trip.

Any volunteers?

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