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In rapidly-developing Hanoi, like most Vietnamese cities, green space is increasingly rare. But for landscape development company Mein Garten, an office with plant life was of utmost importance.

When the company found a vacant twin house in Cau Giay District's Trung Hoa-Nhan Chinh New Urban Park, Mein Garten set out to create a counterpoint to Hanoi's rapid development and urban sprawl, reports Arch Daily.

The resulting collaboration with architecture firm Studio 102 is a semi-open environment filled with lush greenery and white walls. In order to achieve a more cohesive connection between the workspace and the environment, Studio 102 knocked down brick walls in some areas of the house, creating rooms where desks share space with water features or look out over verandas.

In addition to its aesthetic benefits, the Growing Green Office is also eco-friendly. Durawood panels cover the building's exterior to help reduce energy consumption, and the semi-open rooms promote natural lighting and ventilation. Other reused materials also cut down renovation costs and the plant life helps to make the house a living thing.

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