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Hai Duong Hospital Removes Stuck Bum Gun From 18-Year-Old's Bowel

A teenager in Hai Duong Province in northern Vietnam took the term “bum gun” too literally.

As Phap Luat Online reports, on August 7, the Hai Duong General Hospital successfully removed a 45-centimeter bum gun from the colon of an unnamed 18-year-old teenage boy. For the uninitiated, "bum gun" is the tongue-in-cheek — or in the case of this teen from Hai Duong, gun-in-cheeks — nickname of bidet showers, Southeast Asia’s favorite handheld water nozzle.

The day before, the patient was admitted to the Gastroenterology Department of the hospital with a “strange object” lodged in his bowel. The source, however, didn’t specify how the spray got into him. According to the teen, he used the bum gun while on the toilet but the gun “accidentally fell deep into [his] anus” and he couldn’t get it out himself.

An X-ray print of his abdominal area shows the plastic nozzle, which was stuck deep inside the patient’s colon, making it impossible to remove the way it went in. It also caused epithelial bleeding and could potentially have subjected the 18-year-old to other more dangerous damages like bowel blockage or rupture.

The doctors decided to operate and fished out the stuck bum gun and a section of the tube. The patient has since gotten better and was discharged; however, he will have to undergo a second surgery in the near future to correct the digestive flow that was damaged by the spray.

[Photo via Phap Luat Online]

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