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Hanoian Lovebirds Hospitalized After Sex Using Plastic Bag Instead of Condom

A young couple in Hanoi put the “tough” in “tough love” recently when they were hospitalized after using a plastic bag instead of a condom during their passionate first love-making session.

Tuoi Tre reports that the two lovebirds are undergraduates at a local university, and were admitted to the Hanoi Nephrology Hospital with seriously injured private parts, according to Nguyen The Luong, deputy director of the infirmary.

The couple admitted to using a plastic bag as a contraceptive because they were too shy to buy a condom. Needless to say, bags lack the elasticity and lubrication needed for bedroom acrobatics, and generally don’t belong anywhere on or in the human body. Thus the young lovers ended up with severe chafing to the point of bleeding. Yikes.

However, it looks like things are going to be okay for the adventurous youths, as they have been thoroughly examined by medical experts and prescribed with appropriate antibiotics and disinfectants, which should get them ready for another round of horizontal refreshment in no time.

Vietnam has among the highest abortion and unplanned pregnancy rates in the world. Teens account for 70% of the country's ‘secret abortion’ cases, while 40% of pregnancies end up in abortion. It’s a good sign that the injured couple at least thought of using some form of contraception for their afternoon delight, however, the lack of proper sex education also shows. 

[Photo via Star Tribune]

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