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20 Captivating Photos Take You Back To 1960s Saigon

Despite Saigon’s rapid modernization over the past two decades, old photos of the city from the 1960s reveal a number of persisting characteristics – from sleeping xe om drivers and seas of motorbikes to slum-lined canals.

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However, for all that has remained the same, more has certainly changed. Many of the handsome colonial buildings in these photos have been demolished, the train station in front of Ben Thanh Market has transformed into 23/9 Park and it’s rare to see groups of young women donning conical hats and ao dai on their way to school.

In front of former Abraham Lincoln Library, today's Rex Hotel.

A food shop on Ham Nghi Street.

A roasted meat shop.

Families on a Saigon canal.

A parking area once stood where the Municipal Theatre metro stop is currently under construction.

Aerial view of houses in a Saigon suburb.

Evening skyline of 1965 Saigon.

The Continental Hotel and The Opera House in 1960.

High school students on Le Duan Street.

The now demolished Hung Dao theater.

The Tax Center in the 1960s.

Rooftop view of Nguyen Hue Boulevard. The lovely colonial building on the right of the photograph was demolished in the 1990s to make way for Sun Wah Tower.

Downtown Saigon.

Shops on Le Loi Street.

A pharmacy at the corner of Dong Khoi and Dong Du Streets.

Saigon Railway Station.

The Ben Thanh Market Roundabout.

An overview of the roundabout in front of Ben Thanh Market.

Ham Nghi and Ho Tung Mau Streets.

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