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[Photos] In the Digital Age, Film Photography Offers a Chance to Slow Down

In fast-paced Saigon, sometimes it pays to slow things down a bit.

Long-time city resident and photographer Christian Berg has generally used digital cameras to create his work. However, a group of visiting international students from Melbourne who took one of his courses at RMIT inspired him to pull out a Lomo film camera and start shooting.

"I took film development classes at Noirfoto, and it's becoming a pet project; it's nice to slow down as a photographer in the digital age," Berg told Saigoneer. "With a tiny camera you get more access, as people are very open to portraits, and it's cool to use an old medium to show how rapidly Vietnam is developing."

Berg uses his days off to wander Saigon capturing personal glimpses, creating something of a "time capsule" given the dated look that film gives photographs. Selected shots are scanned and adjusted in Lightroom.

The below photos, all of which were taken here in the city, are part of his ongoing Vietnam Film Diary. They are presented without captions by design, allowing viewers to create their own story for each tableaux.

To see more of Christian Berg's work, visit his website or follow him on Instagram @christianbergphotography.

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