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The much-shared image looks so real that its artist, Lê Đại Phát, was forced to upload a video of him creating it to prove it was in fact a painting.

Hảo Hảo is a popular instant noodle that conjures nostalgic memories for many, which helps explain the popularity of Phát's painting. It is also an incredible rendering that captures tiny details, including how the wrapping wrinkles and catches the light. 

The 27-year-old student and nail artist uploaded a video of him creating it, which was quickly shared. It speeds through the nearly 22-hour process it took to sketch and then paint the image. He also displayed an illustration of the same dehydrated noodles that he illustrated five years prior, which reveals how his skill has improved over the years. 

This isn't the first time Phát's ultra-realistic drawings have attracted the internet's attention. News media have previously written about other super-realistic artistic forays including Thor, Taylor Swift, a crumpled-up VND500 note, and his grandmother. His intricate fingernail paintings have also proven popular on social media. He says he has received no formal art training and in his spare time likes to experiment with different subjects and mediums. He claims his next project might be a bowl of soup or some drinks.

Check out the video of Phát drawing the beloved Hảo Hảo noodles below:

Video via Lê Đại Phát's Facebook page.

[Photo via Hoa Học Trò]

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