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Affordable Art Fair 'Art For You' Returns to Hanoi Next Week

Art For You, the art fair organized by Manzi Art Space and Workroom Four aimed at art enthusiasts who can't afford to shop at high-end galleries, is returning to Hanoi next week.

The fair began five years ago, and the upcoming event will be the 11th edition, with the 10th edition taking place just over a week ago in Saigon. 

According to the organizers, "Art For You is an art fair and showcase that is geared towards selling art at prices the majority can afford, removing the sometimes-elitist nature of more traditional art gallery sales and create an event that is enjoyable, exciting and welcoming for those looking to pick up a bargain or just get some inspiration and discover new artists and their work.”

Additionally, the event "has consistently strived to nurture and develop a network of more than 150 artists showcasing over 400 pieces of art in each fair. Art For You is a thoughtfully displayed, well-curated selection of Vietnam's most exciting talent, and ensures that both seasoned and novice buyers of art find something extraordinary to take home."

In order to attract new art buyers, prices for the pieces at each edition are kept between US$25 and US$900, a fraction of what one would pay at a regular gallery.

This edition of the fair will be held at the Fine Art Exhibition Centre (93 Dinh Tien Hoang) from Wednesday, April 10 to Tuesday, April 16. Find out more about the event at Art For You's Facebook page.

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