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TIMEZONES Podcast Spotlights Soundscapes, Sound Artists of Hanoi

The 18th episode of the TIMEZONES podcast series focuses on Hanoi's soundscape through the lens of three female artists. More carefully produced and artistically arranged than the average podcast, the episode layers reflective musings about sound, noise and artistic practices from Nhung Nguyen, Ho Tram Anh and Hoang Thu Thuy atop electronic warblings and urban noises. The three sound artists share their thoughts on the importance of listening despite sonic pollution; how the capital city's auditory topography has been altered in recent years; collaborative musical endeavors; and coping with ongoing gender discrimination. 

“To take all of the chaotic things going around as materials and inspiration for me to make art. I try to lean myself toward a more nostalgic and more human side of the sonic landscape of Hanoi,” explains Hồ Trâm Anh over rhythmic electronic palpitations emblematic of the production's more placid moments.

A special bonus talk moderated and produced by former Urbanist Hanoi Editor-in-Chief Elise Luong (Undecided Productions) features the episode's producers, Linh Hà (LinhHafornow) and Tobias Paramore (tomes), who perform together as the musical act Tiny Giant. The discussion offers insights into how the episode came together as well as their larger philosophies on art, Hanoi and the sonic future of the city. 

The TIMEZONES Podcast Series is co-initiated and co-produced by Norient and the Goethe Institut. The Hanoi Episode can be found here and on all major podcast platforms.

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