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Rooftop Concerts: Electronic Duo Tiny Giant Performs 'Air' (Live in Truc Bach)

Following Limebócx last year, Tiny Giant is now the third act to feature in Rooftop Concerts, Saigoneer's live music video series, and their haunting, dance-driven performance feels like the perfect soundtrack for a city emerging out of lockdown.

Through an intoxicating blend of Linh Ha’s ethereal vocals, traditional instrumentation, and Tobias Paramore’s pulsing beats, Tiny Giant has forged one of the most tantalizing sounds in the city. In this clip, the duo performs an ambient, stripped-back version of ‘Air,’ the second track on their debut EP ‘Flying Mouse.’

Featuring five tracks with lyrics in English, Vietnamese and German, the release marked one of the musical high points of 2019. The band also recently toured Europe and played alongside renowned English electronic musician Four Tet at Thailand’s Wonderfruit festival last December.

Filmed before the pandemic on a rooftop overlooking Truc Bach Lake, the video features drone footage and time-lapse shots of sunset over the capital’s northern skyline — an epic backdrop for one of the most prominent acts in Hanoi’s independent music scene.

Check it out below:

Video produced by Chris Humphrey and Almaz Media. Filmed and edited by Magnus Graham and Vincent Baumont. Sound recording by Hoang Thu Thuy. Sound mixing by Tobias Paramore. Art direction by Mario Bels and Pablo Lipchitz.

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