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What’s Inside Gapo, Yet Another Made-In-Vietnam Social Network

Joining the likes of Hahalolo, VietNamTa and Biz Time, Gapo is Vietnam’s newest social media platform, aimed at young millennials.

On the morning of July 23, Gapo Technology announced the launch of its social network app and received an investment of VND500 billion from G-Capital, a financial company based in Bangkok, Thanh Nien reports. The social media platform has been in development since April 2019 and aims to recruit three million users by 2020 and five million users by 2021.

Gapo has all the features of a typical social network app including messaging, news feeds, friending, liking, sharing and commenting on friend’s walls. Besides these features, the users are also able to decorate their walls and posts and get paid for posts that gain significant traction. However, it’s still unclear how the payment system will work.

According to the company representative, Gapo Technology will utilize artificial intelligence and machine learning for its content moderation, a difference from Facebook's model, which uses a team of outsourced moderators. Gapo also promises that it will employ identity confirmation to increase accounts protection and security.

Within hours of launching, the app receives a lot of negative feedback — lag, crashes, site outage — which led to the company stopping its service for maintenance on the very same day.

[Photo via Lao Dong]

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