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Vietnam Has a New Homegrown Social Media App. It's Called 'Hahalolo.'

The homegrown app promises to bring new experiences to the community of traveling enthusiasts.

On June 10, Hahalolo was officially launched, with the founders claiming it to be Vietnam's first social network for tourism, Thanh Nien reports. The idea for such a social networking platform was born in 2014, and it took two years for the company to build a database before the app was developed in 2016. A beta version of the Hahalolo app was launched in October 2018.

According to the news source, Hahalolo functions similarly to a typical social networking platform, allowing users to friend people, post and share things on their newsfeed, and comment on one posts.

Besides the social functions, the app also integrates online travel services and e-commerce channels, allowing potential customers to book tours, place hotel reservations and shop online in one place. These features can be accessed through Hahalolo's five tabs: Newsfeed, Experience, Tour, Hotel and Shopping.

The social network currently has a listing of tour operators and lodging services from ten Southeast Asian countries, Japan, South Korea and 10 other European countries. The app is now available for download on both Android and iOS.

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