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Vietnam's Ride-Hailing Market Welcomes 2 New Players, Unicar and Zuumviet

Both services are products of Vietnamese creators.

According to Nguoi Lao Dong, in recent months the ride-hailing market in Vietnam welcomed two new players, Unicar and Zuumviet.

Unicar, which offers bike and car rides (Uni Car), vehicle rentals (Uni Rent), truck deliveries (Uni Truck) and shipping services (Uni Fast), is the product of a group of young developers based in Nghe An Province. The app's pilot phase started in Vinh in the middle of 2019 and expanded its coverage to Da Nang and Hue in November 2019.

ZuumViet, on the other hand, is based in Ho Chi Minh City. The app was first made available on the Google Play store for Android phones in December 2019. It offers bike and car rides with an option for luxury cars called ZuumLux. Nguoi Lao Dong reports that ZuumViet will take a 25% commission fee from drivers, with personal income tax included.

When ZuumViet first announced its launch, there was suspicion among netizens about the possibility that the new company could be a pyramid scheme due to its focus on recruiting a community of drivers through chain referrals. ZuumViet representatives have denied the accusations; however, some media reports remain skeptical about the company’s business model.

[Photo via ZuumViet]

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