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Zalo Debuts First Vietnamese AI Assistant Named Kiki

Kiki ơi!

Disruptive Asia reports that this is the command needed to activate Kiki, the first Vietnamese artifical intelligence (AI)-based virtual assistant. Developed by Zalo, Kiki is similar to an Amazon Alexa, but designed specifically for the Vietnamese language and Vietnamese needs.

Users can access Kiki through the Zalo app to integrate it with cars, smart speakers or any smart device, as well as any device which uses the Zing music app, which Zalo owns.

Through commands, the assistant can help people check traffic directions, get updated on news, or send a text message without needing to use their hands.

"The development of this virtual assistant shows the world-class qualifications and ambition of Vietnamese engineers who are fostering AI research and applying artificial intelligence in Vietnam," the news source quoted Vương Quang Khải, president of Zalo group, as saying at Zalo's recent summit in Saigon.

Kiki is adapted to Vietnamese culture in several ways: for example, it can check the lunar calendar and announce winning lottery numbers. It is also trained to recognize accents from northern, southern and central provinces.

Those interested can learn more about the AI assistant, which is available for both Apple and Android devices, through the Kiki website.

[Photo via Thanh Nien]

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