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Gaming, Movies and Kid's Stuff: Here's What Vietnam Watches on YouTube

Vietnamese spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos and being online, recent research shows.

According to a new report released by Think With Google, the tech giant's research division, locals dedicate much of their free time to YouTube and researching online. The report looked into Vietnam’s internet activities from May to August of 2016. The rate of activity was “red hot,” according to Google, especially on mobile devices, which account for 60% of total video views.

The number of YouTube views during that period was twice that of the previous spring. In total 100 million mobile Google searches also took place every day. Content-wise, children's programming, movies, and gaming videos grew significantly compared to prior periods.

Vietnam’s top 40 most popular kids’ channels on YouTube all enjoyed more than 550 million views monthly. Citizens also made more than 400 million searches for movies and clocked in some 500 million views of trailers, an impressive 136% increase compared to 2015.

Last but not least, a noticeable trend among Vietnamese netizens is the rising popularity of gaming videos. In fact, last summer, the country watched 17 times more gaming videos than sports videos, while YouTube’s overall gaming audience is just twice that of sports.

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