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[Video] A Visit to Saigon's Jade Emperor Pagoda 2 Weeks Before Tet

Every year during the month leading to Tet, Saigoneers flock to local temples and pagodas to arrange food offerings to pray for an auspicious new lunar year.

The Jade Emperor Pagoda on Mai Thi Luu Street, just a stone’s throw from Dien Bien Phu, has been a highly sought-after destination for spiritual locals to congregate at every special occasion on the lunar calendar.

The spiritual venue worships the Jade Emperor, or Ngoc Hoang, the top of the heaven’s court; and Kim Hoa, a goddess who looks after women and fertility. Therefore, aspiring parents all over southern Vietnam also make yearly treks to the pagoda to pray to the Emperor and Kim Hoa for a smooth childbirth and health of their children.

In May 2016, the Jade Emperor – also known as Ngoc Hoang Pagoda or Phuoc Hai Pagoda among locals – made international news after former US President Barack Obama made a visit to the Buddhist buildingupon setting foot in Saigon.

Saigoneer recently made a trip to Phuoc Hai Pagoda to immerse ourselves in the contemplative ambiance two weeks before Tet, have a look below:

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