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Call for Submissions: Ho Chi Minh MEGA City

If you love Saigon, it’s time to grab your camera and take some shots of the city! The photo book, “TP. Ho Chi Minh MEGA City,” is currently being assembled and the authors are seeking submissions.

Check out the information below to better understand the project and see how you can play a vital role in its creation:

Ho Chi Minh City is Vietnam’s biggest and most globalised city. Recently it has become the first mega city of the country exceeding more than 10 million inhabitants in the whole metropolitan region. It is a bustling and very diverse urban agglomeration full of contrasts and very dynamic development - not only of the physical fabric or the traffic, but also of the lifestyles of the inhabitants.

The photo book shall illustrate in a documentary way various aspects of the recent urban development of this thriving metropolis. It will consist of altogether 12 thematic chapters and be published in three languages, Vietnamese, English and German. The printing will be supported by the German Cultural Goethe Institute. Further support from companies is highly welcome.

Here are some exapmles of the kinds of pictures they're looking for:

Format: 30x30 cm, 300 pages

Following chapters are envisaged:

1) The metropolitan region from above (panoramic pictures from airplane & high-rise buildings)

2) The urban landscape: change over time (photos illustrating urban development before and after)

3) The village in the city and the city in the village: the neighbourhoods in the small alleys (hem)

4) Villa versus slum: housing the mega city (illustrating diversity of building stock)

5) Life in public: public places

6) Demolition versus vision: Thu Thiem CBD in the making

7) Living with water against the backdrop of climate change

8) The female face of global manufacturing: Labour migrant settlements

9) Youth cultures in the mega city: dreams & aspirations

10) Faces of Ho Chi Minh City

11) Soul of Ho Chi Minh City (free category)

12) Visions for a sustainable urban future (photo contest)

The submission of photos is highly welcomed. Full picture credentials will be given. As this is a non-profit project, no honorarium can be given. Each contributor will be provided with a physical copy of the book though.

Deadline for submission of photos: 15 August 2013

Envisaged publication date: mid. December 2013

Please contact the editors for further information:

Michael Waibel:

Henning Hilbert:

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