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Embracing 'Quận Vui': The Grand Ho Tram's Journey Into a New Era of Joyful Living

A subtle yet exciting transformation is underway at The Grand Ho Tram with Quận Vui — a district where dynamism, freedom, and unbridled fun converge to redefine guests’ understanding of leisure.

The emblematic crane, a graceful bird routinely amongst the rice paddies en route to the hotel complex, symbolizes carefree living and has thus become central to The Grand Ho Tram’s new identity. Beyond a standard rebranding effort, Quận Vui is a strategic leap that invites guests into a realm where joy isn't just a fleeting experience but a constant companion.

Beyond the glossy surface, The Grand Ho Tram has elevated its legacy through the pandemic's challenging landscape. Amid global disruptions, the integrated complex, which is comprised of properties from three different hotel groups – the newly-opened Fusion, Intercontinental and Holiday Inn – not only navigated the storm but actively engaged in the community's well-being, emerging as a symbol of resilience in trying times.

While shaking off pandemic cobwebs, The Grand Ho Tram is unveiling new services and events, reshaping itself as a nucleus for unique experiences. Paired with The Bluffs, an eminent golf course, the complex draws on its supremacy in entertainment and F&B, and stands as a sanctuary for authentic, unforgettable experiences, less than three hours from Saigon.

Quận Vui transcends mere branding — it encapsulates a lifestyle. Here, authenticity and diverse forms of enjoyment are celebrated, and genuine connections flourish in a vibrant environment. The carefully curated color palette mirrors the complex's dynamic spirit, laying the foundation for an exceptional guest experience.

In early December, Walt Power, CEO of The Grand Ho Tram told reporters “We're embarking on an exciting journey with Quận Vui. Our commitment to Quận Vui is not just about a brand; it's a pledge to renew and grow. Quận Vui is where the excitement begins, a place where our guests will find endless joy, reflecting our vision for The Grand Ho Tram."

The three guiding principles of Quận Vui — Fun & Freedom, Responsible & Caring, and Always Bringing New Experiences — underscore The Grand Ho Tram's genuine dedication to providing rejuvenating experiences, environmental responsibility, and a commitment to continuous innovation.

An anchor for this transformative journey is VUI Fest, a series of events that break away from the conventional. From exhilarating horse race performances to colorful kite flying and pulsating DJ pool parties, each event is a thoughtful invitation, injecting vibrancy into Quận Vui and creating beautiful, spontaneous moments. For those looking to get in on the fun, now is an ideal time for a visit as from December 1 to 25th, The Grand Ho Tram will host daily lucky draw gift-giving events for guests.

The unveiling of Quận Vui is a pivotal moment for The Grand Ho Tram. It represents a promise for an environment where joy endures alongside leisure, and freedom isn't just a concept but an embraced way of life.

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