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Dim Sum, Tomahawk Ribeyes, Lobsters: Culinary Options Abounds at The Grand Ho Tram

People flock to The Grand Ho Tram for its myriad of entertainment options. To satiate the appetites of guests, the resort has spent a great deal of effort to ensure that its culinary options meet guests’ high expectations and rumbling stomachs.

The F&B heart and soul of every resort is its all-day dining experience. The Grand Ho Tram features two such options since the property boasts two towers, Holiday Inn Resort Ho Tram Beach and InterContinental Grand Ho Tram, home to the sleek and bright Lemongrass restaurant and the cozy Ginger eatery, respectively.

Guests can start their day at either venue with a diverse selection of Asian and western offerings. The staff expertly prepares everything from fresh bread to Vietnamese regional specialties all of which can either be enjoyed indoors or on the breezy patio. Lemongrass also offers an a la carte menu for lunch and dinner that appeals to a myriad of tastes with pastas and burgers flanked by local favorites like bún chả Hà Nội and canh chua cá bớp.

Given the resort’s proximity to the ocean, one of the most popular dining options is Khoi BBQ, highlighted by classic standbys like lobsters, crabs, oysters and Fisherman’s Catch - the best seafood brought in that day. These are joined by Vietnamese specialties, led by gỏi cá đục, a fish salad that can be found in both Hà Tĩnh and Bà Rịa. While it may be akin to an upscale hải sản joint, the price points are well on-par with the ingredients and dishes on offer. The setting of Khoi BBQ is also a focal point. Unlike the other dining outlets at The Grand Ho Tram, Khoi is nestled within the resort’s 8 swimming pools and some tables provide the perfect vantage point to take in the nightly water show.

For a high-end resort that doubles as an entertainment playground, a signature restaurant is vital and The Grand Bistro fills this role right in the center of the hotel. Just off the main concourse, the eatery’s rich woodgrain interior matches the gourmet menu punctuated by rich foie gras, delicate quail, tomahawk ribeyes and an extensive wine list. For those celebrating a special occasion or having dinner before one of the resort’s regular sporting events, The Grand Bistro is a great way to add a bit of fanfare for your visit.

Just across the hall sits the gem Ju Bao Xuan, which depending on one’s tastes, may be the culinary highlight of The Grand Ho Tram. Tables are set next to floor-to-ceiling windows that create a light-filled space where guests are served classic dim sum favorites like shrimp dumplings and xiaolongbao. But the zenith of the extensive menu are the Cantonese delicacies of roasted pigeon, honey-glazed BBQ pork and roasted pork belly. These are partially prepared tableside and are presented on a traditional wooden stand.

Not every meal needs to be an elaborate undertaking and the resort knows that sometimes guests are simply looking for a quick bite between activities. The Grand Food Court fills this need with a number of counters that serve dim sum, Vietnamese BBQ, phở, sizzling rice dishes, unique bánh mì, hand-tossed pizzas and their signature fried chicken. For those with a sweet tooth, one counter is dedicated to ice cream and other confectionary treats.

While decor and menus differ greatly across the different eateries at The Grand Ho Tram, there was one consistent theme throughout - service. The resort dedicates significant resources to ensure that staff is friendly and knowledgeable which is something that guests will notice throughout their stay. This, and the many dining options throughout the resort mean any type of traveler will look back on their stay and realize that their meals were not just a necessity but a highlight of their trip.

The Grand Ho Tram also offers a number of festive season promotions across the property, especially during Christmas and New Year. The special activities include cookie decorating, craft classes, joyous opportunities for children to meet Santa and celebrations at Fuel Sports Bar and Roxy Nightclub for adults. But perhaps the most exciting elements are found in the resort’s eateries. The Grand Bistro will offer a menu of festive season delights over four courses, while Lemongrass will serve up a sumptuous buffet highlighted by traditional roasted turkey, seafood and homemade sweets.

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