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Weddings, Birthdays, Business Meetings, Master Classes and Community Gatherings: Villa Song Excels at Event Hosting

Sleek white flowers accented by flickering candles contrasted the lush patch of trees across the river as the sun set and the couple exchanged their vows, alternating between laughter and near-tears. 

As staff re-arranged the tables and placed silverware between bouquets that filled Villa Song’s spacious outdoor area, guests meandered to the river to sip cocktails and pose for photos with the new bride and groom. A DJ played perfectly hip music that matched the vibe of the evening and the groom who Saigoneer recognized from an editorial article we wrote that profiled young fashion trendsetters in the city.

Beyond the peaceful atmosphere and views of the Saigon River, personalization and the ability to make any desire a reality helps set Villa Song apart as a riverside outdoor venue for weddings of up to 400 people. During this particular wedding, customization included a large projector that played an adorable video the couple made to share their love story with gathered friends and family. Other services offered include flowers, decoration, music and customized menus designed by the chefs at Bistro Song Vie who specialize in modern Western and Asian cuisine.  Villa Song is also particularly suitable for pre-wedding photos thanks to the stately colonial villa and the opportunity for shots on the speed beat with views of the city's iconic buildings and bridges in the background as well as room, garden and pool settings. 

Once the wedding was in full swing, Saigoneer strolled across the tree-filled grounds, passed through the elegant Indochine-style hotel lobby and out to the secluded back pool where a chill party was underway. Every first Sunday of the month, Villa Song invites a local band to play a variety of hits while guests enjoy refreshing drinks and lounge in the pool surrounded by large trees. While located conveniently in Thảo Điền, its position along the river and expansive landscaping make it feel like a remote oasis.

The wedding and pool party underscore how Villa Song is more than a destination for staycations and homebase for international guests. It’s a premier venue for a variety of events and occasions including business meetings and product launches; educational masterclasses that empower the next generation of hospitality leaders and staff; relaxing water sports and thrilling boat rides and intimate dining experiences, in addition to weddings and parties. 

“If you think you’re beautiful, but you are not in a beautiful place; it’s not perfect,” explained Arief Gunawan, Villa Song’s General Director, during a meeting of local business luminaries during which he introduced the hotel as an ideal destination for marketing events, corporate announcements, sales promotions and branding activities. The gorgeous surroundings that combine natural tropical charms with tastefully luxurious architecture make it an obvious site to impress business partners and team members during professional gatherings.

Flexibility is a major advantage at Villa Song. The outdoor area is particularly suited to cool evenings graced by the breeze that slips across the river as well as calm mornings. Meanwhile, Bistro Song Vie’s air-conditioned inside space can be used for inclement weather as well as events that have an extensive audio-visual component. Finally, the intimate parlor section of the hotel that regularly hosts Parlor Dining services supports a range of hospitality and leadership Masterclasses and can also be utilized by smaller gatherings that require the utmost privacy. 

While Villa Song’s stately charms attract official proceedings and serious business, they also welcome fun. In addition to the monthly parties, the pool area regularly hosts community events such as swimming classes, fitness groups and regular Aquarobics sessions led by local professionals. Families and groups of friends love to rent it to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and other notable occasions as well. 

One advantage of any event at Villa Song is its proximity to the river. The hotel’s private speed boat allows guests to travel to and from downtown District 1 in style. It’s a fun family activity as well as a spectacular way to make a grand entrance. And the views of the impressive skyline in the background make for a unique weekend with loved ones or an unexpected party thrill.

Whether business or pleasure, any attendee to a Villa Song event can look forward to delicious food. From eggs benedict savored alongside the sunrise to nasi goreng during a working lunch to an expertly prepared steak accompanied by an exquisite wine during a romantic dinner, whatever the occasion, Bistro Song Vie’s chef's passion for cuisine is apparent on the plate. They also appreciate the challenge of catering to requests that ensure a meal complements any event.

One can expect parties at Villa Song during holidays such as New Years, but on any other day, one is never quite sure what will be going on. It could be a joy-filled, multi-generational family birthday party for a cherished matriarch; a highstakes business lecture where the future is planned or a laid-back gathering of friends making toasts to the fact that one doesn’t always need a reason to celebrate. The one thing that unites them is the truth that Villa Song is a great place to hold the event.

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