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[Photos] Đen Đá's Phù Đổng Outlet Sets Itself Apart in a Busy Roundabout

If one is looking for upside in the proliferation of cafe chains across Saigon, we would argue that the more locations there are, the more chances there are for architects to get more creative than your usual coffee spot.

Take, for example, the new Đen Đá location at the Phu Dong Roundabout designed by Saigon-based KSOUL Studio. According to ArchDaily, the architects utilized materials and designs intended to remind visitors of the 1990s, an era that hasn't quite reached vintage status, but is rife with inspiration. 

The exterior windowpanes are modeled on the iconic 42 Nguyen Hue building, while the interior is largely made up of grindstones and step-tread tiles, the two primary building materials used in older Saigon houses. 

Additionally, the color scheme calls to mind retro homes and is a striking departure from your average cafe. Have a look inside this special Den Da outlet below: 

[Photos by Valor Studio via ArchDaily]

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