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[Photos] This Petite Abode Brings Adaptability and Comfort to the Forefront

Big, spacious homes certainly have their appeal, but sometimes all you need is a cozy little abode.

Designed by H&P Architects, the 75-square-meter project HOUSE, short for Human's Optional USE, certainly falls into the latter category.

As shared by ArchDaily, the compact structure is intended to be a model for easily built housing in rural areas vulnerable to flooding, or in low-income areas. The HOUSE could also be deployed as a mult-functional space for education, healthcare or community gatherings.

The architectural design also allows for the addition of more floors, or for the foundation to be lifted so that the building can be placed on stilts, or even materials to help it float. On the roof, H&P included both solar panels to provide energy, and a sprinkler system to cool the space during hot days. 

The idea is to make HOUSE as flexible to local conditions as possible; this includes the utilization of local construction materials, and room layouts suited to the needs of a specific area. 

Take a look at the HOUSE — which in this case is outfitted with a large, indoor floor hammock — below.

[Photos by Chimnon studio via ArchDaily]

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