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[Photos] A Vegetarian Restaurant in Hanoi Conceived Like an Art Space

Has an art exhibition ever made you hungry?

Adrei Studio considered Sadhu Vegetarian Restaurant to be an exhibition space where food and service are on display. And like many galleries, the structure emphasizes artisanal craftsmanship, flexibility and the precise incorporation of natural and artificial light.

Designed and constructed during the pandemic in 2020, the Hanoi restaurant has a serene, subtle atmosphere thanks to its rustic palette of browns and grays. Light and dark contrast sharply against the earthen walls and floor after streaming in through irregularly shaped windows or against uneven surfaces. 

Sadhu may fill with patrons savoring refreshing vegetarian meals, but the space could just as easily welcome art lovers looking for inspiration.

Have a look at the photos below:

[Photos by Trieu Chien via ArchDaily]

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