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China Becomes Vietnam’s Largest Export Market

In previous years, the position belonged to the US.

According to a recent announcement from the General Department of Vietnam Customs, Vietnam’s exports to China reached US$3.706 billion in January of this year, making China Vietnam's largest export market, Thanh Nien reports.

For January 2017, the number totaled US$1.796 billion, which means there has been a 106% increase, worth US$1.912 billion over the course of one year.

Last January, Vietnam's largest export market was the United States. Vietnam sent goods estimated US$3.008 billion; however, the number only increased by US$624 million, bringing it to US$3.632 billion this year.

Vietnam's exports to China have started strong in 2018 thanks to vegetables, valued at nearly US$300 million; and mobile phones and related components, worth US$895 million, a 19-fold increase over last year. Similarly, Vietnam has sent computers, electronic devices, and components worth US$691 million, an 80.1% increase compared to last year.

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