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A Massive Cargo Ship Lost Its Anchor and Rear-Ended a Bridge in Dong Nai

The crew members on the ship managed to escape and no one was injured.

On April 15, a 2,368-ton cargo ship named Royal 09 lost its anchor and crashed into a bridge, Tuoi Tre reports.

According to a representative of the local port authority, at 4:20pm, Royal 09 was docking at Dong Nai Port when strong winds and currents caused the vessel to lose its anchor and drift 100 meters to the upper reaches of the river. The ship eventually crashed into a pillar of the Dong Nai Bridge.

The ship was stuck for one hour before the police force of Dong Nai and Binh Duong provinces, and three tugboats came to the rescue at 5:20pm on the same day. The fiasco caused quite a scene as curious local residents gathered along the bridge to watch the rescue.

Fortunately, the vessel was not carrying anything when the accident happened. Captain Nguyen Van Tu and his 10 crew members who led the ship managed to escape during the accident, thus no one was harmed.

According to the local coastguards, a concrete slab came off from the bridge’s pillar and the ship’s parapet was deformed. It was unclear if there is any serious damage done to the bridge’s structure.

[Photo via Bao Dong Nai]

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