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Dak Nong Factory Caught Using Battery Powder to Dye Cheap Coffee Grounds

Prepare to be extremely grossed out.

On April 16, a team of environmental police and inspectors uncovered a coffee manufacturer in Dak Nong Province that uses powder extracted from dry batteries to dye low-quality coffee grounds, VnExpress reports.

At the scene, the inspectors discovered 35 kilograms of crushed battery cases stored in two containers, a 10-kilogram container of black liquid, and 12 tons of coffee grounds that have been dyed with the battery substance and are  ready for shipping.

The company owner Nguyen Thi Loan has admitted to the grossly unethical conduct, explaining that she did it for extra profits.

Specifically, factory workers would purchase tons of discarded coffee beans and shells and batteries from wholesalers. The batteries are then crushed into flakes to be processed into powder form. The powder extracted from the batteries would be dissolved into water, which resulted in a black liquid that could be used to dye the coffee parts before they're roasted and packaged for consumption.

More alarmingly, Loan also shared that her factory has been in operation for several years. Within the first three months of this year, her factory has produced and distributed three tons of battery-dyed coffee grounds to the coffee market for human consumption.

Authorities have confistcated all evidences at the site for further investigations.

[Photo via Tuoi Tre]

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