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Is there a specific dress code that female motorcyclists must follow to avoid being deemed “inappropriate”?

Over the past few days, Vietnam’s cybersphere has been buzzing over a set of images and videos depicting a festive motorcade involving female motorcyclists riding around Can Tho while wearing áo bà ba.

For the uninitiated, bà ba is a traditional Vietnamese outfit consisting of a loose long-sleeved and loose pants. The costume is popular in Vietnam’s rural regions, especially the Mekong Delta, thanks to its breathability and comfort, making it perfect for physical activities.

In the video, the badass riders can be seen dashing through local streets on large motorcycles in colorful áo bà ba. According to Zing, they are members of the all-female biker group CTC Angel and the motorcade was organized in support of the Southern Traditional Cake Festival (Lễ hội bánh dân gian Nam Bộ lần thứ 7) which started on April 25 in Can Tho.

Video via YouTube channel THVL Tổng Hợp.

The bikers have caused quite a stir online since the image of áo bà ba is rarely associated with large motorcycles. A few conservative commenters even criticized them for being “inappropriate” and “going against Vietnamese morals.” Still, the majority of local netizens are delighted to see the sight of áo bà ba-clad bikers.

“Stop being so obsolete. Why can’t people wear áo bà ba to ride bikes? You guys will probably love it if they wear bikinis instead,” Tuoi Tre reader Thanh Nguyen commented. “There are bigger stuff that needs to be handled. You guys [people who complained] have too much time on your hand, this is just a way to support the festival.”

The newspaper also included an informal poll at the end of the feature, in which the responses are very supportive of the bikers. The question states: “What’s your opinion on female motorcyclists wearing áo bà ha?” At the time of writing, 535 respondents picked the statement “It’s inappropriate, áo bà ba must be gentle.” while 2,636 others answered “What’s the problem? It’s beautiful.”

Nguyen Khanh Tung, president of the Can Tho convention center – where the festival is held – told Tuoi Tre that the club did consult with the organizing team before moving forward with their plan. He added that this is not the first time CTC Angel has organized support motorcades, just the first time it was carried out in áo bà ba. The bikers usually hit the streets to cheer on the city’s football team Xo So Kien Thiet Can Tho as well.

[Photo via Facebook page CTC Angel Club]

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