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Cong Caphe Will Open First-Ever Outlet in Seoul This Month

The popular pre-Doi Moi-style coffee chain is set to expand to Seoul, South Korea.

According to YTN, a Korean news site, this will be the franchise’s first move overseas, and it is understandable why the chosen location is Seoul. Vietnam is a popular destination for Korean tourists and expats, and it makes sense that they would want to have a taste of the country when they go back to their homeland.

Cong Caphe announced the exciting news back in March, with the creation of an official Instagram account (@congcaphe_kr). The expected opening date is July 31, in the neighborhood of Yeonnam-dong, a hotspot among Korean youth. The cafe chain's posts on Instagram have received positive responses from Korean and Vietnamese alike.

According to Asia Time, another Korean news source, the staff in charge of the store in Yeonnam-dong are being trained in Vietnam. The barista will also be an experienced Vietnamese who will live in Seoul.

Cong Caphe started as a small, retro-style coffee house on Trieu Viet Vuong Street in Hanoi in 2007. Its name is said to derive from the first word of the country’s official name. The cafe’s interior design and menu provide the atmosphere of thời bao cấp in northern Vietnam, a period of time when Vietnam was administered under a command economy. Customers can feel its vintage theme in the wooden tables, dim lights, the color of the walls and furniture, and the background music.

The cafe also offers old Vietnamese snacks, including croissant with condensed milk for dipping, which are expected to be sold in the Seoul cafe, preserving the unique experience of Vietnam in the 80s.

The franchise currently operates more than 50 stores in Vietnam’s major cities, and Seoul is the first step in expanding the franchise abroad.

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