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Vietnamese Passport Strength Improves Slightly to 73rd of 94

Overtaking Algeria and Haiti, Vietnam moved up to 73rd out of 94 spots.

A passport ranking, compiled by Singapore-based consultant firm Arton Capital, looks at the number of countries each passport holder can visit without a visa. While Vietnam moved up slightly on the list of 199 nations and territories to No. 157 overall, it remains in the bottom tier. Vietnamese travelers can only visit 22 countries without visa and 39 countries where a visa is provided on arrival for a total of 61. The figure was 56 last year.

The ranking system is somewhat confusing, as multiple countries can share the same rank if they have the same number of visa-free treatments. For example if four countries are tied for third, they are all still considered third — hence how Vietnam is ranked 73rd. If each nation is given a separate rung, the country is actually at the 157th position.

In Southeast Asia, Vietnam ranks only ahead of Laos and Myanmar, with both Thailand and Cambodia making gains in the last 12 months. Singapore is the strongest in the region, occupying the 4th spot globally. The United Arab Emirates, the year's biggest mover, is now the most powerful passport in the world, while Finland, Luxembourg and Spain are all tied at the second position. 

Vietnam fared slightly better in its 'Welcoming' score, which looks at the ease with which people can visit. Currently passport holders from 87 countries are allowed to visit Vietnam with no visa or a visa on arrival, which puts the country in the 55th position. Cambodia occupies the top spot of that index with borders that are open for guests from 198 different places. Afghanistan and North Korea are on the opposite end of the spectrum, not allowing entrance to anyone without the proper stamp or sticker in their passport.

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