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To Ha Dong Nghi, a 25-year-old professional racer, recently caused controversy after announcing on Facebook that he finished a drive from Saigon to Hanoi in only 19 hours and 45 minutes.

Some netizens pointed out that this means that Nghi was driving at an average speed of about 88km/h, excluding breaks and stops. The maximum speed allowed for motorcycles in residential areas and cities is 50–60 km/h, and 60–70 km/h for highways. Furthermore, the man was driving on his own, without any company or support.

After finishing the trip, Nghi took to his Facebook profile to post updates on his journey, claiming that he broke the speed record for solo riders on small bikes. These posts have invited both negative and positive responses from online commenters.

On December 20, the National Traffic Safety Committee sent a request to the Ministry of Public Security to verify Nghi's claims and, if they turn out to be true and he has violated speed limits, impose needed disciplinary actions. On December 24, the man was summoned for investigation by the Traffic Police Authority, Tuoi Tre reports.

During the meeting, Nghi admitted that he was speeding at certain points. “I followed the traffic safety rules and didn't cause an accident. I was alert and fit enough for long-distance driving. However, in certain stretches of road that are secluded from towns and cities, I did drive faster than the road speed limits, but kept my speed under 90km/h in non-residential areas,” said Nghi in a statement.

For the trip, Nghi used a Yamaha Exciter motorcycle that has been upgraded to be able to reach speeds of 150km/h. The bike also has an additional seven-liter gas tank, cutting down on the number of times he had to stop for gas.

[Photo via Moto Saigon]

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