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Maneuver Vietnam's Hectic Traffic in This Quirky, Locally Made Minigame

Haven’t gotten enough of Vietnam’s traffic pandemonium in real life? Now you can also experience it virtually through this quirky brand-new mobile game.

The mobile application in question is called Coi To Cho Vuot, a simple Flappy Bird-esque mini game in which players take on the role of a character riding a motorbike in chaotic Hanoi traffic. However, unlike in Flappy Bird, where the obstacles are stationary, Coi’s challenges are all moving objects: hủ tiếu carts, trucks and even traffic police officers.

Users can play as a “ninja” on an automatic bike or a pig-laden Honda courier, among other unlockable characters.

The creative minds behind the project are no other than Phong Duong Comics, the famed Hanoi-based comic book artists who are best-known for their award-winning manga series Long Than Tuong.

Coi To Cho Vuot was released on September 6 for free on iOS and Android to very positive reviews from netizens. Most early users are very much in love with the game’s simple interface, satirical characters and distinctly Vietnamese art style.

Photos by Kenh14.

In an interview with GameK, the duo shared that the project was inspired partly by Ford Vietnam’s “K0 Coi” campaign, which aims to promote proper street etiquette and road safety. Phong previously did an illustration series as part of the Ford campaign.

“Last year we did a comic-drawing competition about road safety and it was well-received,” the duo told the news source in Vietnamese. “But this year, we decided to create something newer and more unique.”

Phong Duong Comics was founded in 2004 by Nguyen Thanh Phong and Nguyen Khanh Duong. It has grown into a small collective with notable works such as Orange, Long Than Tuong, Phe Nhu Con Te Te, etc.

[Top photo via Infogame]

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