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Marvel Mobile Game Unveils New Southeast Asian, Including Vietnamese, Superheroes

The three Southeast Asian characters were created exclusively for the mobile game Marvel Future Fight.

Marvel recently announced that a new superhero team, named Warriors of the Sky, will be included in an upcoming update for Marvel Future Fight. The team consists of four characters, Blue Dragon, hailing from Vietnam; War Tiger, an ancient Thail national; Shadow Shell, who has an evil adopted family in Taiwan; and Sun Bird, a Malaysian pirate from the 1600s.

These characters, according to Marvel’s story, are legendary protectors of the Temple of the Crescent Moon, defending the Asian region from all threats.

Marvel says that their characters come from four cardinal directions of Southeast Asia, although it seems geographically uncommon for Taiwan to be Southeast Asian or for Southeast Asia to be divided into four corners. The Vietnamese hero, Blue Dragon, is from a noble family in Vietnam and has the ability to transform everything she touches into a “draconic” weapon. Blue Dragon will represent the east of Southeast Asia, Marvel dictates.

War Tiger emerged from the region’s west and possesses the mystical Tiger’s Fang and combat expertise. Shadow Shell is a tactician with toxin immunity. She owns an advanced rifle and a Ba Gua (the eight trigrams, or bát quái) energy field and hails from Southeast Asia’s north. Sun Bird is the team’s healer, but can also kill with his twin krises.

The characters were developed through a collaboration between Marvel and Netmarble, South Korea's largest mobile-gaming company. Take a look at the teaser below:

[Photo via Marvel]

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