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Illegal Hotel on Ma Pi Leng Pass to Be Converted Into Tourist Rest Stop

The six-story building on Ha Giang Province's Ma Pi Leng Pass stoked controversy last October since it was built illegally.

The building was completed above the Tu San Abyss Alley in 2018 and started operating as a hostel, restaurant and café from the start of 2019 under the name Ma Pi Leng Panorama.

When it was found out that the construction hadn't been approved by local authorities and the owner of the hostel didn't have an investment certificate, the Ha Giang Department of Construction proposed demolishing the upper floors of the structure, while the rest would be turned into a rest stop for visitors to the popular destination, according to VnExpress.

Vu Thi Anh, the owner of the Ma Pi Leng Panorama, disagreed with this solution, saying it would negatively impact the whole structure and hurt the environment.

On March 12, Ha Giang authorities held a meeting with experts to gather opinions on what to do with the illegal building. Instead of demolishing most of the building, the structure will indeed be reused as a tourist rest stop.

“Most experts on heritage and culture agree with converting the structure,” Tran Duc Quy, the deputy chairman of Ha Giang Province, told the news source.

According to Tuoi Tre, the plan is to get rid of one floor of the building and keep the rest. The structure will no longer serve as a hostel, only as a rest stop for tourists.

[Photo via VTC]

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