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Sapa Park With Ugly Statue of Liberty Ordered to Remove Ugly New Elsa Statue

The lazy eyes, large hands and exaggerated bosom of the poorly depicted Frozen character threatened to ruin Sapa's natural beauty, according to critics.

On July 21, local authorities met to review Ansapa Tourism Complex's permits and, following early investigations and a temporary closure order, determined the Elsa statue needs to be dismantled. Officials of Phan Si Pang Ward were tasked with following up with the removal.

When photos emerged online last week, angered netizens argued that the three-meter tall statue of Frozen protagonist Elsa built atop a roof in the 1.7-hectare tourism park is out of place amongst Sapa's majestic mountains and fields and unique cultural traditions.

Ansapa Tourism Complex was already internet-infamous for its ill-proportioned State of Liberty that resulted in a temporary park closure earlier this year. 

Ansapa's owner, Nguyễn Ngọc Đông, pushed back against the criticisms, arguing both for the artistic merits of the work and the legality of its construction. He noted that the pre-fabricated installation was not permanent and was designed to be removed depending on changing tastes of Vietnamese guests who visit to take social media photos. “Regarding the plastic composite Elsa statue, it may exist there for several years only. By that time, it would be replaced by another statue suitable to new trends among youth,” he said. 

Đông also defended the sprawling park, which is filled with statues, installations and photo-op constructions by saying it is built in an old quarry and there were plenty of other places available in Sapa and the surrounding areas for those looking to enjoy the region's natural beauty. 

[Photo via Đời sống và Pháp luật]

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