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Woman Holds Funeral For Herself And Five Living Relatives

On Tuesday, a Phan Thiet woman organized a collective funeral for herself and five other living family members, drawing the attention of several curious neighbors.

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According to Vietnam Net, Nguyen Thi Tuyet Hanh explained to passersby: “I'm organizing a funeral for myself and all of my family members who are still alive.”

The story reads like something out of a daytime soap opera: Hanh, 51, alleges that her husband, Nguyen Duc Loi, had an affair with her younger brother's wife. Hanh told Tuoi Tre that once the affair was discovered her husband fled, but not without hiring a hitman to threaten her family first.

Hanh reported the incident to local authorities, however police felt the evidence was unclear and so suggested she resolve the matter without police interference. Fearing for her life, Hanh instead chose to organize a funeral so that her husband's alleged threats would be made public.

“We must have this funeral so that everyone knows about the situation. If we die unexpectedly, this is the cause,” she told Vietnam Net.

By mid-morning, local authorities arrived and instructed Hanh and her family to remove the funeral decorations outside the house. The family complied with the request and removed the funeral wreaths and flags but remained in funeral clothing.

The other side of the story is equally strange. Tuoi Tre reports that Hanh's husband, Loi, has filed a complaint with the authorities accusing Hanh and her family of locking him up “to practice exorcism”. Local police are currently investigating the case.

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