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Fire-Breathing Dragon Bridge Opens in Da Nang

For all the importance placed on dragons in Vietnamese culture, I’m sure at one point, we’ve all wondered to ourselves, “Why hasn’t Vietnam built a badass fire-breathing dragon bridge?” Well, wonder no longer because the world’s largest dragon-themed bridge has just opened in Da Nang.

The bridge, finished on schedule to coincide with the 38th anniversary of the end of the American War, can not only breathe fire, but spit water as well. Featuring more than 2,500 energy-efficient Philips LED lights, the bridge is meant to simulate the shape of the dragon of the Ly Dynasty. According to Deputy Prime Minister, Nguyen Xuan Phuc:

"This achievement is the result of the determination of Da Nang’s leaders and the consensus of the local people. The Government always supports Da Nang to become the center of economic, cultural, and economic development in the central and Central Highlands region as well as the country."

Designed by Louis Berger Group (USA) and built at a cost of VND1.7 trillion ($85 million), the bridge spans 666 meters and weighs in at 2,000 tons. Its architecture is unique to the region as it’s the only bridge with a single steel arch in SE Asia.

Check out the video below to see the bridge in action:

For more information, head over to Vietnam Bridge.


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