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Female Prisoner Inseminates Herself to Avoid Death Sentence

You would think that when a person gets arrested, convicted of a serious crime, thrown in prison and sentenced to death, the game is pretty much over.

But that's only because you haven't met Nguyen Thi Hue. The 42-year-old woman from Lang Son province, who was convicted of drug trafficking in 2014, is now off death row for good after purchasing semen from a male inmate, inseminating herself and becoming pregnant, reports Thanh Nien.

Four officers at the Quang Ninh province facility where Hue is serving time have been suspended in the aftermath of the incident. According to the news outlet, Hue paid VND50 million for the sperm of 27-year-old prisoner Nguyen Tuan Hung.

This is where it gets weird. According to VietnamNet, Hung then handed off a plastic bag of his semen to Hue twice in August 2015.

Following the exchange, Hue managed to successfully inseminate herself, and given her condition, avoid death. According to Vietnamese law, pregnant women and mothers whose children are younger than 36 months cannot received the death penalty. Instead, those inmates already sentenced to death will have their sentences reduced to life in prison.

This isn't the first time a prisoner has been saved by semen. In 2007, Hoa Binh province corrections officers wound up behind bars themselves after allowing a female death row inmate to have sex with a male prisoner. The inmate, Nguyen Thi Oanh, later became pregnant and managed to dodge the death penalty.

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