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Ministry: Shops Must Use Vietnamese Signs

Following last year’s passage of the Vietnamese Advertisement law which requires that advertising content, spoken or written must be in Vietnamese, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism recently told cultural departments nationwide to exercise greater control over the many shop signs featuring only foreign languages, or signs where Vietnamese is not the focus. Shops that have only or predominantly foreign-language signs will face fines up between VND1 – 5 million.


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Large Bomb Uncovered in Dak Ru

A massive, 300kg bomb was discovered by a resident of Dak Ru Commune, Dak R'lap District in the central highlands province of Dak Nong.


[Updated] 2 ‘Jungle Men’ Found Living in Vietnam Forest for 40 Years

[Update Below] You may have heard the stories of Japanese troops, hiding on on small, secluded Pacific islands, unaware that World War II had ended. A similar situation played out this month in Quang Ngai where 2 men, scared by war, fled to the vast depths of the province’s remote jungles.

Earlier this month, villagers in Tay Tra District observed two men deep in the forest. Surprised by their behavior and dress, locals reported the sighting to authorities who set up a search team and found the pair five hours later.