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[Video] Instant Noodle Commercial Outtakes Make for an Incredible Short Film

Watch a few Vietnamese TV commercials and you wouldn't characterize most local advertising as sexy.

While there are a few creative ideas now and again – think Google's first-ever made-in-Vietnam ad or Ogilvy's cheeky jewelry commercial – most advertising tends to feature a few good-looking kids dancing around while enjoying some form of bottled tea. If we're being real, instant noodle adverts aren't usually much better.

Their outtakes, however, can be pretty impressive. Advertising director Mark Toia recently treated the internet to a collection of unused footage from his project for Hao Hao noodles and the results are stunning.

In the two-and-a-half-minute montage, Toia's short film portrays slow, dream-like scenes of Vietnam, highlighting several of the country's famous sights, including Hue's Imperial Citadel and the floating markets of the Mekong Delta. It's only after you read the description below that you realize what you just saw came from a noodle commercial. It looks like Vietnamese TV is really stepping up its advertising these days.

[Video via Vimeo]

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