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Chinese Bride Abandons Wedding Shoot to Give First-Aid to Traffic Victim

Like thousands of other Chinese couples, Xie Dan and her husband celebrated their wedding on August 18 — the day after Chinese Valentine's Day.

On August 18, Xie Dan, currently a nurse at the Wafangdian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital in northern China, was posing for pictures with her new husband on Wafangdian Street in Liaoning Province when an accident happened, South China Morning Post reports.

In the middle of the photoshoot, Dan saw an elderly woman fall out of a vehicle and, to everyone's surprise, immediately abandoned the photoshoot and rushed to the scene to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the traffic accident victim.

Responding to a reporter's questions about the incident, she was quoted saying it was "her duty." According to local police, the woman fell from a three-wheel vehicle after a collision with a car. Despite Dan's quick actions, the woman died in the hospital due to her injuries.

Dan's virtuous act received rounds of accolades on Chinese famous social media portal Weibo and many praised her as the "most beautiful new bride in Wafangdian," also commenting that "her husband must be a very lucky man."

[Photo via South China Morning Post]

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