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[Photos] Abandoned Bangkok Mall Becomes Urban Koi Pond

In Bangkok, there is an abandoned mall that looks like a scene from a post-apocalyptic future where nature has begun to slowly reclaim the world's urban jungles. Think I Am Legend without the diseased zombie creatures.

The story of the massive pond began in 1994 when the Supreme Court found that 7 stories had been illegally added to the New World department store. In 1997, these floors were demolished, leaving the newly stunted structure roofless.

Over time, rainwater converted the former shopping center into a 500-square-meter pond, which in turn became a breeding ground for mosquitos.

In 2003, local residents, seeking to eliminate the blood-sucking pests, began to release koi and catfish into the murky waters to feed on the mosquitos and their larva. Over the next 10 years, the fish thrived and the once stagnant waters became a hotbed for aquatic life.

Though some of the larger fish were stolen, word spread about this watery utopia and outsiders began to flock to the old mall with their cameras.

With its newfound popularity, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration declared the building derelict and off-limits.

A committee organized by the BMA will inspect the building this month and their report will determine if the pond will be demolished or preserved.

Hopefully they can work out a way to save this unique and unplanned aquatic wonderland which was recently captured in the above photos by professional cook and photographer Jesse Rockwell.

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