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[Video] Much Of Bangkok Could Be Underwater In 15 Years: Report

A recent study conducted by the Thai government found that large swaths of the city could be underwater in 15 years. While climate change and rising sea levels are the main actors in the tragedy, topography and urban development aren’t making things any easier.

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Bangkok, built on a precarious, swampy river delta, is sinking in part due to “excessive” pumping and the construction of tall buildings. Working in tandem, these problems are causing parts of the city to sink by 10 centimeters each year, reports The Asian Correspondent.

“If you don’t do anything you lose. If the land is sinking, the value of the land also goes down,” Chulalongkorn University Professor Sucharit Koontanakulvong told VOA News.

A dog attempts to stay dry amid flooding in Bangkok (2011). Photo via ABC.

The National Reform Committee (NRC) warned that if solutions are not put into place soon, the Thai capital may be need to be relocated.

Somewhat disturbingly, the Thai government has been aware of the problem for years, as scientists have been warning of the danger for over a decade.

Sujarit Khunthanakulwong, a member of the NRC has suggested building a massive, US$14.2 billion seawall to protect the city.

However, a muddled political atmosphere has hampered efforts to address the problem.

“All the evidence says Bangkok’s future could be a brief one unless urgent action is taken, a sad reality for a capital,” wrote The Asian Correspondent. “As time runs out, the city’s very existence could depend on whether the ruling junta can succeed where previous governments have failed.”

[Top image via Reuters]

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