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[Video] Everyone Is Ordering Suất Obama at Hanoi's Bun Cha Huong Lien

As you might have expected, business is booming at Hanoi's Bun Cha Huong Lien.

Two weeks ago, the small bún chả outfit played host to American president Barack Obama and celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, and according to the shop's owners, there has been a line out the door ever since.

There is now even a designated name for the meal the president ate, reports Zing. People young and old, foreign and local are flocking to the shop in droves to enjoy suất Obama: a serving of bún chả, one nem vuông and a Hanoi beer.

In addition to Huong Lien's new specialty, the shop has also adorned its interior with a few photos of President Obama, which are the subject of dozens of visitor photos. To help deal with the sudden rush, the owners have taken to hanging a “sold out” sign out front of its shop in the early morning as a means of detering at least a few customers, according to VnExpress.

While wait times can be a little long, none of the customers seem to mind, as everyone is happy to get a chance to enjoy the same meal as the American leader in the same place. Business hours at the shop have also been extended – one worker tells Zing that she works from morning to night these days – but while the rush might be a lot to handle, one thing is certain: Bun Cha Huong Lien is set for life.

Unless, of course, you buy into the conspiracy theory that President Obama was never even there...

Video via Zing.

[Photo via Instagram user anthonybourdain]

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