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Singapore's Michelin-Starred Chicken Rice to Become a Global Franchise

International fans of Singapore’s latest Michelin-starred chicken rice eatery will be glad to hear that they may no longer need to travel all the way to the island nation for their soya sauce chicken fix as the vendor is reportedly in talks to expand his brand into a global franchise.

According to the Straits Times, just two months after receiving the accolade, Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle has already been approached by five different companies vying for a partnership deal to elevate the brand to an international level.

Chan Hon Meng, the stall’s 51-year-old owner, told the news source that three of the offers were from food-and-beverage businesses, including Hong Kong’s notable dim sum franchise Tim Ho Wan.

Chan wishes to remain a partner in the business even after selling the recipe, and was quoted by Straits Times as saying: "Michelin has awarded the accolade to me, so it is important that I am still involved in the business."

However, the restauranteur requires future partners to satisfy three criteria before deciding on a company.

First, Chan asks for a minimum of US$2 million as a "guaranteed cooperation fee" in exchange for his soya sauce chicken recipe and cooking expertise. “Even before the Michelin star, my stall is already popular,” he told the news source. “Now, my business has become more than three times better, with about 160 chickens sold daily."

Second, the partner must possess the necessary resources to facilitate global expansion. And lastly, Chan wants his future partner to make sure that every portion of his soya chicken rice has consistent quality across all outlets.

When queried about the decision to expand his business internationally, the chef attributed it to the overwhelming response from tourists ever since the news about the Michelin star hit news outlets worldwide. Before, Chan mainly served his chicken rice to the local lunch crowd, but now about 90% of his patrons are tourists. Moreover, he’s also worried about the future of the stall, as old age is catching up with him, making him consider the offers more seriously.

As of now, the chef is still unsure if he will continue to run the famous chicken rice stall in Singapore’s Chinatown once the deal is finalized, but he noted that it would be one of many conversations he will have with the partner.

"If so many people from all over the world are visiting my stall, I think my food can be well-received in other countries, too," he shared with Straits Times. "It has always been a dream to expand my business overseas and pass it to the next generation."

[Photo via Daniel Food Diary]

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