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[Video] Watch This Japanese Competitive Eater Wolf Down 5kg of Vietnamese Instant Noodles

Hao Hao noodles have never looked so good.

Instant noodles are without a doubt one of Vietnam’s most enjoyed snacks. These MSG-loaded packets of fried noodles are well-loved by locals of all ages and walks of life, making the mì gói business a multi-billion dong industry in Vietnam. Recently, Vietnamese netizens had a chance to witness their favorite midnight meal being relished by a foreign celebrity of sorts: Japanese YouTuber and competitive eater Yuka Kinoshita.

Considering Kinoshita’s petite stature and demure demeanor, it’s hard to imagine that this is a woman who can down 100 sushi rolls and 137 bananas in one sitting. In a recent video, posted in October, Kinoshita once again proved that the human body is an enigmatic creation by consuming five kilograms of Vietnamese instant noodles. The YouTuber shared that a fan currently living in the Southeast Asian country sent her a care package of local treats, including a slew of the country’s most popular instant noodles: Thai hotpot, stir-fried and phở flavors.

In the six-minute clip, viewers get to watch the Japanese star cheerfully demolish the enormous amount of food like it's nothing.

“This phở is loaded with fragrant spices,” Kinoshita commented. “The soup isn’t that strongly flavored but it’s loaded with umami and keeps me wanting more.”

[Video via YouTube user Yuka Kinoshita]

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