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Hanoi CDC to Propose Reopening of Non-Essential Businesses

With the COVID-19 outbreak in the city evidently under control, Hanoi’s health authorities are proposing to reopen a few non-essential services.

On Tuesday, Hanoi’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) stated that it would soon submit a proposal to the Hanoi People's Committee to consider loosening restrictions and closures of businesses which were put in place in response to the surge of COVID-19 which began in late April, reports VietnamNews.

Back in May, the city required all food services to switch to takeaway and delivery only. Hairdressers, parks, gyms, bia hơi, and other non-essential services were also ordered to close. 

Now, as the number of new cases in the city falls, the Hanoi CDC is suggesting loosening restrictions by districts. The Deputy Director of the Hanoi CDC, Khổng Minh Tuấn, discussed with Tien Phong the possibility of varying the level of restrictions according to the level of risk in each district. He said that currently, there are a total of nine districts and wards with areas under isolation, thus, removing restrictions in other low-risk areas is definitely possible. However, the decision lies with the People's Committee. 

According to the Hanoi CDC, cafes, eateries, hairdressing salons, and public sports activities will be prioritized in the reopening roadmap. Procedures such as the 5K message will still be strictly enforced at these venues. Bars, karaoke venues, clubs, street food and cafes shall remain closed. 

On June 10, Chu Ngọc Anh, chairman of the Hanoi People’s Committee, mentioned the need to quickly contain the outbreak in the city so that a roadmap for unwinding restrictions can be implemented, reducing economic impacts.

[Photo by Duy Linh via Nhan Dan]

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