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Saigon Pushes for One-Visa Policy

To better connect the tourism of SE Asian countries, Saigon authorities have pressed the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism to adopt a one-visa policy with Thailand, Cambodia, Loas and Mynamar. This would allow tourists to travel between these countries without having to secure visas for each.

Supporters hope that this would ease the burden on tourists and boost tourism numbers. International travel agencies have made the same request in order to bring down costs and improve logistics.

With a 3% drop in tourists compared to this time last year, Vietnamese tourism authorities are exploring new ways to bring in and retain tourists.

Tourism authorities of Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar have participated in international travel exhibitions held in HCMC in the past few years where they promoted the idea of “Four Nations - One Destination” to gain a boost regional tourism.

Last year, the four countries lured 14.8 million international tourist arrivals.

The government has also been urged to pursue a visa-free policy with neighboring countries.

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