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A Brief History of Cung Văn Hóa Lao Động and Saigon's First Swimming Pool

Once a fashionable rendezvous for the elite of colonial society, the Labour Culture Palace ( Cung Văn hoá Lao động ) ...

Paul Christiansen

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In Bình Định, a Museum Retells Nguyễn Huệ's Glorious Life via Vivid Murals

About 45 kilometers from downtown Quy Nhơn stands the Quang Trung Museum (Bảo tàng Quang Trung), one of Vietnam’s finest museums.

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Quy Nhơn's Rustic Coastal Charms in the 1960s via Vintage Photos

Saigoneer makes no attempts to hide our love for Quy Nhơn.

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The Rich History Behind One of Hanoi's 2 Remaining Chinese Guild Halls

With the changing gears of history, at times even the oldest layers of a thousand-year-old town must evolve to house new meanings.

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The History of Hanoi's Lost Tramway Network

When they first drew up plans for a citywide tramway network in 1894, it seemed as though the Hanoi authorities would follow Saigon’s example by opting for steam traction. Yet, by the time government approval was forthcoming in 1899, advances in technology made it possible to construct the entire system as a state-of-the-art, one-meter gauge electric tramway.

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Wander Through the Streets of the Old Quarter in 1995 Hanoi

What do you miss most about the 1990s?

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[Photos] Xe Vélo Solex: A Forgotten Saigon Classic

Both bicycles and motorbikes have long played an important role in the lives of Vietnamese (and at times, its occupiers). Starting in the 1950s, French-made motorized bicycles known as Solex became in...

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Saigon’s Famous Streets and Squares: Quách Thị Trang Square

In this, the first of a new series about the history of the famous streets and squares of Saigon and Chợ Lớn, Tim Doling looks at the history of Quách Thị Trang square.

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21 Beautiful Photos Of 1961 Cho Lon

Cho Lon has long been a center of commerce and culture, tracing its history back to 1778 when the Chinese population of Bien Hoa was forced to relocate after being targeted by Tay Son forces in retali...

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The Saigon Tax Trade Center Mosaic Staircase: A Forgotten Moroccan Masterpiece

When the Hồ Chí Minh City authorities announced in 2014 that the Saigon Tax Trade Centre was to be demolished and replaced with a 43-storey tower block, many voices were raised in opposition to the de...

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Saving Saigon Tax Trade Center’s Mosaic Staircase, 'A Priceless Work Of Art'

Six months after the Hồ Chí Minh City People’s Committee’s promise that both internal and architectural and design features of the old Saigon Tax Trade Centre would be preserved and incorporated into ...

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[Photos] The Japanese Prostitutes of Colonial Vietnam

Over at her Saigon - Cho Lon blog, Chen Bichun recently explored one of the many rarely discussed layers of history – the thousands of Japanese women who were forced into prostitution across Asia...

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Date With The Wrecking Ball: Maison du Combattant

Yet another piece of old Saigon heritage faces the wrecking ball following the recent public auction and sale of the former Maison du Combattant “gold land” site at 23 Lê Duẩn.

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20 Captivating Photos Take You Back To 1960s Saigon

Despite Saigon’s rapid modernization over the past two decades, old photos of the city from the 1960s reveal a number of persisting characteristics – from sleeping xe om drivers and seas of motorbikes...

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Date With The Wrecking Ball: The Former Collège de Can-Tho

Over the past week, Facebook has been awash with articles about the planned demolition of a much-loved Cần Thơ institution, the Châu Văn Liêm High School (Trường Trung Học Phổ Thông Châu Văn Liêm).

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Saigon's Endangered Heritage Buildings: The Top 10

We’re now over half way through 2015, and what better time to update that depressing list of Saigon built heritage in imminent danger of destruction.

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This Saigon Art Deco Gem Will Shine Once Again

The area around Ben Thanh Market is quickly becoming an epicenter for development. As new buildings rise, such as The One Ho Chi Minh City and the Eximbank Tower, old colonial structures are seemingly...

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Old Saigon Building Of The Week: The Hùng King Temple

The Hùng King Temple at 2 Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm was originally built in 1927-1929 under the name Temple du Souvenir Annamite (“Annamite Temple of remembrance”), primarily to honour the memory of Vietnames...

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[Photos] Take A Walk Through The Streets Of Old Hanoi

At the turn of the 20th century, people often referred to the Vietnamese capital as “the 36 streets of Hanoi.” Most of these 36 streets lie in today’s Old Quarter and still retain names that reflect t...

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Icons Of Old Saigon: Shophouse Architecture

The colonial shophouse, one of Saigon’s most iconic forms of architecture, is in imminent danger of extinction.

Brian Letwin

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[Photos] Saigon Then & Now: Part 4

We’re back with another set of our “Then and Now” photos which contrast old images of Saigon with their present day counterparts. For a much larger collection, head over to the Saïgon-Chợ Lớn The...

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Take A Walk Through Saigon’s 150-Year-Old Sewers

Before Saigon begins to demolish the 150-year-old French-built sewers that lie under the streets of District 1, it looks like the city is allowing select camera crews into the leaky, cockroach-infeste...

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A Second Chance For Tân An Communal House

With so many old buildings being destroyed in the name of development, it's encouraging to learn that one of the city's oldest communal houses, the Đình Tân An at 26 Bis Nguyễn Bỉnh Khiêm in Đa Kao, h...

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[Photos] How Saigonese Flew In 1965

These photos taken by American photographer, Bill Eppridge, in 1965 capture a day in the life at Tan Son Nhat Airport’s civilian terminal. The original airport, little more than a landing strip, was b...

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The 'Leaning Cathedral' Of Saigon

Soon after its completion, Saigon’s iconic Notre Dame Cathedral developed an embarrassing tilt.

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Old Saigon Building of the Week: 136 Ly Tu Trong

Owned during the colonial era by the Roman Catholic Church, the two-storey French villa at 136 Lý Tự Trọng in District 1 is one of just a handful of surviving French villas on that busy street.