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Saigoneer Podcast: Convenience Stores Take Over Saigon; Social Media Literacy

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On this week's show, we take a look ̣(1:09) at the explosive growth of convenience stores throughout Saigon in recent years. It's hard to walk 10 feet these days without tripping over a Family Mart, VinMart or similar competitors. What does this mean for traditional corner shops? (Also why is Hanoi's convenience store game so bad?)

Then (15:48), we discuss social media literacy, especially among older people, many of whom went from not having the internet straight to having Facebook. This leaves some prone to falling for misinformation, scams and other threats. What should be done to ensure that people use Facebook and other platforms safely?

As always, we end with Bánh Mì Banter (27:06).

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Here are some links we mentioned in the episode:

- A woman in Tien Giang was scammed by dubious money apps advertised on Facebook. (link is in Vietnamese)

- Ologies podcast.

- Free Basics, Facebook's free internet project in India.

Saigon's Convenience Craze: How Corporate Chains Are Creating New Space for Civic Life

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